Saturday, June 27, 2009

Some Good Weather

We have finally had some good weather, that is where it was not raining…constantly…So I have been heading out for hikes just about everyday and then coming home and collapsing. thus my lack of reporting.

So what have I been doing? great question, and one that I ask my self at the end of everyday. Some days I really can’t answer that question; its like ‘what did I do today?’ and others like Friday I had a clearly defined set of goals that were accomplished. Here is the break down of what I have done since I last posted.

Wednesday, was one of those days where I came home and wondered what it was I did  that day. I really don’t remember. It was that uninteresting. plus it was a lot of prep work for Bruce to take some annual leave. He is gone for about a week. So a lot of Wednesday revolved around what Bik and I were going to do while he was gone. So we should actually be able to things for a bit.

Thursday was the final wrap up day with Bruce. I went out and spent two hours on the ‘beach’ at Valley Cove looking for Peregrine Falcons, didn’t see any.  So the decision was mad after 8 hours of watching that we could open up flying mtn. trail.


Went out and removed signs that closed the trail. it runs right along the beige line, the ‘beach’, which is directly below where the falcons have nested in the past.

Friday we, Bik and I, went out to conduct a Beaver survey. we checked about 25 different areas around the Island where beavers have been known to block Culverts. that took most of the day. for that last couple of hours I developed four maps that identify the majority of vernal pools in and around park property. I love GIS, easy to use and easy to impress others with, I can make a map like nobodies business. well that is all for now…

Here are a few random shot I took during the past week.


On the Kurt Dietrich trail, after all the rain.


Some kind of fungus. it was big.


Hermit Thrush, flushed it out while I was out hiking for work.


Hairy Woodpecker, Juvi. Waiting on mom to come feed him


A Frog


A pretty purple iris

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