Thursday, June 4, 2009

Peregrine nest sites

Betty (she is one of my roommates, lots of stories with this one) and I headed out today to look at the four peregrine sites today. there are two that are active one that might surprise us and one that was not successful. Not much to say other then the plan is we might band the Beech cliff chicks on Wednesday.

Very sore today after the climb up the precipice trail yesterday. Man i am getting old.

I also met with Karen the GIS person here Acadia so she could orient me to the file structure she has set up for the park. Currently they are using ESRI ArcMap 2.9 update 16. hope it isn’t too much different then 3.0.


I finally went out to look at Loons and their nest site today…by myself :) it is pretty cool to be able to hear these animals in the morning. when I finally get my pocket camera I will try to digi-scope some images. Of course if anyone know someone that has a friend that might be able to get a deal on a canon 100-400mm lens they shuld let me know. and then i would get AWESOME photos.

Off to bed.

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