Saturday, June 20, 2009

Lackluster Friday followed by Washout Saturday

Well the week is over…Finally. Not much to tell this week. the high points of the week were the baby Bard Owls in the ‘yard’ and I got to spend Wednesday Eagle banding.

The Banding was awesome, how could it not be, and we had to take a boat to the two locations in order to access both nest sites. We did two islands, Placentia and Ringtown:


We banded one Eagle at our first stop, Placentia, and aborted the attempt at the second stop. The tree, a birch of some type, was not a climber friendly tree…it was dead and squishy (a very scientific term, squishy, be careful using it in everyday conversation) here is what that looked like.


Chris, that is the guy in the photo, only made it a little farther before he called it off.

Oh yeah and here is another picture of me and an Eagle, you can tell that this one is a little younger then the last one I held.


Thursday I had orientation for new seasonal employees. It wasn’t bad at all. the best part was the interpreter from St. Croix Island. She was fantastic and told a great story about how St. Croix is connected to MDI through seur de monte and Champlain. We only got a sample of the whole story, but i would like to find out when and where she will do the full story.

That leaves us with Friday… a very rainy dreary Friday. We pretty much spent the entire day inside. which was good for us. We really needed some time to organize our Loon data and prepare for the rest of the season.

I also got to break out my awe inspiring  GIS skills. We are working on a project to convince the powers that be that we should have ‘beaver free’ zones in specific areas. The beavers cause a lot of damage when the streams that they dam flood the upstream area. sometimes it is not obvious right away, the water seeps into the ground and weakens the roads, trails and carriage roads. and then when it rains the roads collapse.

The maps were really crappy, not my best work. Bruce just wanted something on paper to look at and get some dialogue started on the best way to present this data to those powers that be. Did I mention that it rained all day? It did!

And all night. several Inches worth, there were road closures all of MDI because of flooding and road washouts. it has finally stopped raining but we are due some more tomorrow and it is supposed to be very bad and several more inches. The five day forecast is just as bleak. Hopefully we don’t get washed away.


Well that is all for now. talk to you all later.

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