Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I am back!

Sorry for not posting before now I have been busy…

I am going to start where I left off last time, or as close as I can remember.

Bruce, the Boss man, left town for annual leave and left Bik and I in charge of, taking care of ‘bid-ness’, not that anyone I work with would say Bid-ness but it is funny.

On Monday the 29th I had the pleasure of escorting around a Science Communication Intern, her name is Sara and she is from Tennessee, studying something that is not science communication related. How do I know this? Well, she and I went out to help Elliot, my roommate. The help was logging the disturbances that occur in the intertidal zone. In other words I went birding for a few hours at ship harbor :) while we were there Sara and I discussed the project, why it was happening and what we, as the park, hoped to get from the research. She was very interested in the work and said that she enjoyed the field aspect of her job. It was a cold and windy day, and we were socked in with fog. it was all in all a pretty miserable time, Glad i had somebody with me to chat with or it would have been intolerable.

Tuesday the day before Bruce came back Bik and I went out and finished scraping our macro-invertebrate bags.

--Side Note--

Donna, Thank you for the great measurements class…I can’t tell you how much I have used since I have been here in Acadia. that class has served me well and I am sorry that you are not teaching it anymore… Miami’s loss.

--Back to the story--

So Bik and I spent the day out in the streams cleaning rock and putting them back. Took care of administrative duties and called it a day. Here are some photos of the process of ‘cleaning’ rocks:

the bag...after finding it again...finally strainer buck it position...ready to catch the sneaky bugs that jump off

Post capture

What is left after carefully cleaning the rocks off

see we even got one :D

A sample of sand...and some bugs

This week has been…..FREEZING!!!! it was all of 55 degrees F today… it is freaking July for gods sake… Hopefully summer will start soon, I can only hope…and the rain stopping soon would be nice too…


Sorry…I am tired of rain the cold is …different but tolerable.

This week I have started looking for Beavers and trying to determine family size of the different family groups…haven’t seen a beaver yet but I have seen fresh dams and lodge buildings, so i know that they are not just a myth…As soon as I see them i will have photos. also this week I was able to work on GIS for more then an hour. so I am a step closer to finishing at least one project there with another three in the wings waiting.

We have a volunteer for the next six weeks, her name is Maddie and she attends Oklahoma State University and is majoring in wildlife management. So she will be a new yet temporary player in this story. Tomorrow I am continuing the Hawk survey and will report anything from that tomorrow. Ok all I am off to bed and dream land..


And so we go…

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