Sunday, June 7, 2009

Making the Summit

So the big mountain on the island is called Cadillac Mountain. it is 1,530 feet in height, right i know not too much more then a hill but it is the tallest on the Eastern seaboard. It is the second place that the sunlight hits in the US. Anyhow I decided that I wanted to make it to the summit using the North Ridge Trail. apparently when tourist season starts it is a very busy trail. I thought it best to avoid these crowds so I went this morning. There where four trails that I planned on hiking today, the North Ridge Trail, the Cadillac Loop, the Notch Trail and the Gorge Path. the majority of the trails I traveled were rated as Moderate, one was difficult and the loop was just an easy pathway. When I finished the Gorge Path I was half a mile from the car and hiked that so all told I hiked 5.1 miles. Pretty impressive for a fat old guy! Now for the photos of the travels.

Trail head, This is where I started

This about 200 yards in from the trail head.

From a little further up; Bar Harbor


I finally made it!


Really bad panorama from the summit



Trailhead for the Gorge Path.

After Hiking all morning I went to Hannaford’s, the local market, got food for the next week and headed home. Around six people started showing up for a party my roommate and his boss set up. It was really fun got to meet people from other departments which I would normally not have gotten to do.  Met a woman from Interpretation who is as big a bird geek as I am. She gave me some pointers on where to go to see the birds I wanted to see. I have an inside line now on the puffins so if I can pull it off expect some up close and personal photos with me and the puffins. I met a lot of the Trail Crew what a bunch of fun guys and gals. The work hard everyday. Met some fee collectors as well, I don’t have an opinion formed of them yet, we shall see.

That’s all for now.

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