Sunday, July 26, 2009

The application process begins

So I have started looking for the next path to take in my life, a.k.a. looking for another job. I am using and attempting to find something at one of the many national parks. I missed the big hire for winter help at Big Bend (sad), however there are many other jobs that i can choose from…they are all pretty much located in the west or in Florida.

One other place that I have been looking for jobs is in Alaska working as a US Marine Fisheries Observer. This would entail me going out to sea for a few months at a time and recording fish takes, depths, method and other data. It pays really well and it is contracted work in three month increments. I can do this during the winter and then come back here to Acadia during the summer. Not sure what to do, the money is a big dealio, and I am pretty sure I would enjoy the work, and if i didn’t then I would only be stuck for three months.

Decisions decisions. Both my wife and I realize that i would be away from home quite a bit, but I think that I need to go to where the money is, and if working a fishing boat in Alaska is where i need to go…Then i guess I had better get used to some wicked cold weather.

Let me know your thoughts.

and so we go!

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