Saturday, July 25, 2009

Beaver Fever!

This past week was dedicated to moving a family of beaver to a new home. We had to move these beaver because they were affecting the Carriage Road they were setting up house near.

Trapping beaver is interesting because when you frame it with a gov’t schedule it falls way out side the ‘normal’ work schedule. By this I mean, we start at 0700 to go check the traps and then go about the business of the day. Then we go home at the end of the day for about three hours and then head back out to set the traps for that night. we usually go out around 1930 for about one to two hours setting everything up. The reason for the late night is that all the areas we trap are in very close proximity to the public. So we set traps late to reduce possible conflicts that can arise from a difference of opinions.

We were successful we got an adult female and two Young of the year. Here are some photos from the experience.






This week also marked, I am pretty sure, completion of several GIS projects that I had been tasked to do. Now all I have left is creating the metadata for the things that I created.

That is all for the week. And so we go!

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