Monday, May 11, 2009

Sad news ;(

Ok I have been dealing with this all weekend. I haven’t posted about until now because I needed to find some good things to say too.


I will not be leaving on the 16th of May for my job in Acadia NP, it has been pushed back. The reason…I went in on the 1st of May to the Campus Police station to get fingerprinted. It was a simple process, and cost me $11 to have done.  Didn't realize that is cost to have fingerprints done today but whatever. Part of this process is that after I have the prints I could not be the one to send them off. something about chain of custody. I asked, on the 1st of May (grrr), if they would go out in the mail that day, the pleasant reply was that it would go out that day. Yeah all done right? Nope. I got an e-mail from Bruce, the new boss, saying that they had not received my fingerprint cards yet and because of that I would not have to leave on the 16th but would have to wait for the 26th of May MINIMUM! It takes ten days from the time that they receive the prints till clearance is granted, and that is with out any problems.

So it looks like I will be in Oxford for another two weeks then I expected. I am really bummed, that I am not leaving when I thought I would, Angry, because the campus police/campus screwed up delivering my prints, and frustrated, because I have absolutely no control over the current situation.

So where is the silver lining that i mentioned earlier?

as a result of leaving later, I should have the time to stop and see my brother and S-I-L in New York, I will be able to help out with the 2nd annual Queen City Bird Festival, and it is more time with my family. The two downers that I see are 1) it will be necessary to travel over memorial day weekend (eeekkkk!!) and 2) that is at least a weeks worth of pay that we will be short.  And that isn’t good.



Happy News

Here is a piece of happy news, Gina has found a house for the family in Maderia, OH. It is 5 minutes from her work, which is like getting a raise. she currently drives an hour each way right now, and that happens at least four time a week now. It is a really nice neighborhood we have a yard with some trees, the land lord is cool, and Simon’s Big Boy school is literally across the street.

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