Saturday, May 30, 2009

I Have Arrived!!!

Like I said, The next time I would post was when I had some information about the job. Well… I left Memorial day started driving. We, Regina, Bruce and I all decided it would be worth the risk of leaving with out my clearance. Tammy, the HR Lady, was really surprised that my clearance did not show up on Friday but was very certain that it would be in on Tuesday. So I rolled the dice and left.

I finally started my adventure. One thing that I wanted to do was stop at my brothers condo in Brooklyn. Originally I was not going to be able to do this because he was going to be on vacation with our parents in FL. Now that I was delayed it was possible for me to stop by and visit for a bit. It was great to see Charlotte and Jeff. I haven’t seen them since their wedding four years ago. My only complaint was that the visit was too short. I am planning on stopping by in September on my way back to Ohio.

Here are some photos from Charlotte and Jeff place. It is a really swank place they have there.



After my night with Charlotte and Jeff I was on the road bright and early. I left at 6 and I arrived at Acadia at 1530. This place is Beautiful!!!! I can’t wait for Regina and the kids to come.

Well I am going for now I will post my first day tomorrow.


Oh If you are wondering why these are coming in spurts i currently do not have internet, phone or TV at my house. I have to drive up to Bar Harbor and tap into the WiFi the city provides at the park so I can up load these posts. So I collect them and then post them.

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