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Remsa INC. My Job


I know this is a little late in posting, especially since I am home now. I did want to have a more full accounting of what happened while I was in NC, I have not changed anything from this posting from when I originally wrote it, enjoy…

Well everyone, It has been some time since I have posted and thought I would catch you all up on what has been happening and what might be happening in the future. So here we go…

How I got here:

The Wednesday before I was to leave for home, with out a job, my roommate’s wife came to me and said there was an immediate opening in North Carolina as a turtle observer. All I had to do was send the hiring lady my resume tweaked for turtles. I called Roxy, the hiring lady, and we talked about my limited experience with turtles and after a few back phone calls and emails I was hired. This all took place in a matter of a few hours. Suddenly I had a job that I had to leave for immediately. I went home that day and started packing to leave the next morning. The next day I made it to D.C. for a short stopover to catch a few winks and continued on. At 1300 I reached Nags Head and tried to catch a few winks before I had to go to work.

Where I am:

I am in Nags Head NC. working as a turtle observer. The hours are from sunset to sunrise, sort of. It took a while to get on a schedule since I was working days for the past four months. Once I got on a schedule this job is super easy and super boring. We sit in what is called the dump shackThe Dump Shack, Me on the left and James, a Great Lakes Dredge and Dock employee.

The dump shack can also be called the smoke shack, My clothes stink like I am a smoker again. they also have a faint tinge of diesel to it, in other words I reak of nastyness. My job for this contract requires me to be on the beach for the entire night. we have to conduct three beach surveys every night to ensure there are no impacted turtles by the dredging operations. The rest of my time is spent in the dumpshack sitting around doing NOTHING! It is BORING to the extreme. recently I started bringing my laptop out to the site so I can watch movies. Mark and I head over to the survey shack, looks a lot like the dunpshack only no smoking and much cleaner, and watch movies between our surveys. makes time go much faster. We also take naps occasionally, usually during the movies. We are done only when the last pipe is removed off the beach. There is only one piece of pipe left on the beach but it is a HUGE piece and requires a cap that is not on site. once that is put on and the pipe is removed I will be done. I have been coming out to this site for three days now and have done nothing but sit in the shack and walk out to the pipe and verify that there are no turtles there. It takes about 30 minutes to complete and then there is nothing to do, except go fishing. I have been fishing fo rthe past three nights. I have caught a skate, blue fish, a whiting and a black drum.

What is on the horizon:

I got an e-mail from one of the ground observers i applied to and it looks like that is in the front runners of job possibilities. pretty much it is the only front runner so it looks like i am going to head out to Alaska for the next job. The best thing about the ground observer job is the pay. it pays $135-160 a day regardless of if i am on a boat or not. so it is great pay. I am sad that I have not heard anything from some of the other jobs that I have applied to, I really wanted to have a job working with birds but I need to pay the bills and this job has the potential of doing just that.

Well that is all i have for now, I will leave you with some photos from around the work site and a couple of videos

And so we go…

This is Mark my co-worker

Me at the work site. I watned the backlighting but the glare spot could go away.

This how they moved the pip around the beach. The piece of equipment is called a loader.

A dozer used to move the sand around the beach. the specs that you see here is the flying sand that was a constent irritent during my first week here.

the inside of the dump shack, yes that is me and the expression is bordem

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