Friday, October 9, 2009

I have arrived

I am in Nags Head, NC. I start work tonight at 1900 and am done tomorrow at 0600...I will be dragging ass tomorrow morning.

I am so excited, this is going to be a terribly boring job but I am excited for the fact that I am here. I am overjoyed that I have a Wife cool enough to let me do something like this. Thank you Regina!!!!!

So the job is a night turtle survey contract job. Not sure how long it will last it could be 7 days it could be a month. I am working with a Guy his name is Mark whe is a turtle guy and I am a bird guy. He is a former Marine I am retired Navy...this should be interesting. He is a nice guy I am looking forward to this job for the experience it is going to give me.

I am on a public server that I can hit when ever I want but It is about 3 miles from the apartment, which I have to drive :( So i don't have my own personal internet or a phone...

I thought my cell phone was going to work here but unfortunately it does not! grrrr! I am thinking about geting new service that is more nationwide just so I can talk to Regina and the kids when i just won't have unlimited everything.

Ok I am starting to ramble so I am going to hit the road I have to go buy some bread chips and apples for 'lunch'.

And so we go....

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