Sunday, December 20, 2009

And now for some photos…

So being my typical self I forgot my CF card reader at home in Ohio. It was a $25 dollar mistake, but if that is the only thing I forgot then I am felling pretty good.

Apparently I didn’t have as many photos as I originally thought. so there are not many but they are pretty cool.

The view from the back window of the training center.

Different windw from the training center. This is High Noon and it is around 1600.

One of the few clear days we have had, it is around 1600 in this photo. Again this is from the back window of the training center.

The tree is covered in frost that happened from a fog that rolled in, I had never seen anything like it. You can see in the background the fog that was going on.

Common Raven. My roommate found this Raven in our garbage struggling to get out. It had somehow gotten hurt in the can and we tried to rehab it but unfortunately it did not make it. A sad day.

And I can't miss my chance to hold it either :)

So that is what I have so far. I promise to get more this week and of better quality. I am not leaving anywhere till Christmas eve so i plan on getting out and trying to get some photos.


Till next time

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