Monday, April 20, 2009

The Players So Far

So I thought I should introduce some the people that are likely to come up while I write this blog.

The first and most important

My Wife, Regina:

I have been lucky enough to  have been married to Regina for 18 years (yes I had to pause to remember).  We were married while I was in the Navy so she was unfortunately a Navy widow. She is absolutely the strongest person I know, without exception. As such she is able to live without me, a good thing I think. She also the smartest person I know if there is a problem I can’t solve I ask her and she fixes it in less time that it took me to ask her. She and I have three beautiful children together Erin, Quinn and Simon. These would be the next three most important people in my life.

Erin, The oldest

She LOVES her brothers, I don’t think that there is anything she wouldn’t do for them. Really anything! She is currently in her first semester of college. So there were a few challenges for her at the beginning. Now all the challenges are mine. She has found boys, UGH! please someone sympathize with me. She has found her a boy that she likes, Brad, but they are NOT boyfriend/girlfriend, just ask her.

Quinn The eldest son

Still young enough to be silly but almost old enough to realize that a girl might see him. Quinn is homeschooled too. he has never seen the inside of a school and never will. he is proud of that fact and he makes sure everyone he meets knows that he is homeschooled.

Simon, the youngest

What a handful, he is cute and knows how to get away with murder. but really what four year old isn’t . He loves Disney (just like the rest of the family) and every time he sees Walt’s signature he says that it came from Disney World. He will be entering the public (private if we can afford it) education world the fall of 2010. we can barely keep up with this one he is so smart.

So this is my family and the ones I will probably mention most often. I will post more people here as time goes by to  keep the list of players up to date. hopefully I can figure out how to use Live Writer better and learn how to append things to posts.

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